The Centre for Constitutional Law and Political Institutions (CDCIP) is an established research centre, set up alongside the Department of Public Law of the Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest. The main purpose of the activity carried out by the CDCIP is to promote open debates on classical and current constitutional law related topics, both at national and international level.

For more than 20 years, the CDCIP endorses - through theoretical analysis and discussions, but also with practical applicability – the in-depth study of the main tendencies in contemporary public law. CDCIP members have initiated or participated in numerous debates, symposia, seminars and scientific gatherings, building throughout the years an academic network in which the exchange of ideas and opportunities enhances the quality of research studies conducted within the Center.

The main topic of the activity of CDCIP is the study of the Constitution. According to its members, the fundamental law is the core of the legal existence of the political community constituted in a state, to which all the structures of the society report, directly or indirectly, their activity. Every day, the provisions of the fundamental law are applied and interpreted. For this reason, a society with an established democracy and genuine rule of law is possible only provided that citizens know, understand and comply with the provisions of the fundamental law.

 CDCIP therefore invites you to be part of its scientific community and to get involved into the complex process of knowing and promoting the constitutional norms and values. 



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