2013.04.22, Conference ”New democratic systems of government”

On 22.04.2013, 18.00-20.00 hours, in the Stoicescu Hall of the Faculty of Law’s Palace, University of Bucharest,  took place the debate contest called “New democratic systems of government”, moderated by Lecturer Dr. Ramona Popescu and Dr. Fabian Niculae, assistant magistrate at the Constitutional Court of Romania. Within the debates, prizes - consisting in money and internships - were awarded to the best essays registered in the competition. The debate was organised by the CDCIP and ASD and it was part of a series of activities encouraging students to participate to scientific activity.

 Awarded prizes:

First place - Codrin Dragoş Mihăilă

Second place – Petre Andrei

Third place - Mirela Fanache

Mentions Cătălin: Damalan

                  Silviu Popescu( Oancea)

                  Andreea M.Cateluta Rotaru

                  Delia-Mihaela Haimana 

Attached Documents
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